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Psychology Resources

APA Style Guide : Resources to help clarify frequent areas of confusion in style guidelines. Psychology Journals: A source for numerous journals is psychology, new and old
Entry Level Jobs: A listing of various jobs psychology majors can obtain with a Bachelor's degree. Psychologists Careers: Learn about the psychologist careers and how to enter the field.
Available Degrees in Psychology: An excellent resource in helping to decide what degree to get for a specific psychology career. Using the Internet for Research : Tips for finding credible and scholarly articles.


Marketing Research Resources

Find Market Research Companies: Search to find detailed market research company's descriptions and services offered Top 50 US Market Research Firms: Learn about the top ranked market research firms
A Recession Proof Career:  Market research analysts make Reader's Digest top recession proof careers list Research Careers :There are many different research jobs available. See what is best for you!
Interested in Qualitative Research? : Find out how to enter the qualitative research field. GreenBook: Find research services that can best help you.


Current Research

Customization ups satisfaction: Yale Daily News found when a  product is customized one attribute at a time, consumers will be both more satisfied with the final product and more likely to purchase it. Sisters Are 'Key To Happy Family Life': People who grow up with at least one sister are generally more balanced and happier adults, according to new research from the University of Ulster.
Economy Got You Down? Use The Principles Of Positive Psychology: Tough economic times are a good opportunity to use positive psychology to find happiness and meaning in life. Rosy Glow Is Sign Of Health: According to a new study completed by a team at the University of St Andrews, people seem to associate rosy cheeks with a being healthy.
The psychology of color at retail: The one major psychological influence that all retailers can  do is make use of is color. Stereotypes may influence student performance: According to a recent study, students negatively affected by stereotypes are more likely to underperform and see fluctuations in their GPAs.
Shopping in Lousy Mood Will Cost You: A recent study found that feeling blue can cause a person to spend more on material goods Children take a toll on marital bliss: New research shows most couples experience a decrease in marital satisfaction once they had their first child
Consumer's Lack Trust in Green Claims: Nearly one in four U.S. consumers say they have no idea if a "green" product actually does what it claims. Thick-Brained People Are Smarter: Although being called "thick-headed" means one is dumb, it turns out being literally thick-brained suggests one is smart, new findings reveal.
Beverage consumers reluctant to substitute brands :Consumers are probably inclined to leave a store without buying anything if they can't find the preferred brand they are looking for . Moving on up: Couples who move in together before marriage have up to two times the odds of divorce, as compared with couples who marry before living together.
Young Consumers Turning to Coupons: Younger consumers aren't stung with the stigma of using coupons and are looking to the Internet. If you don't want to buy, don't touch: A shopping study finds hands-on appraisals seduce consumers toward the cash register.
Overweight Woman Boss, Not Okay: The researchers found weight discrimination is one more way the “glass ceiling” holds women down. What Facebook Users Share: Lower Grades: College students who use the social network have significantly lower GPAs than those who do not.
Promotion Piles On the Pressure : A recent study found that promotion can damage mental health Dog Owners Actually Resemble Their Pets :Research shows 60% of dog owners actually look like pets and appearance influences type of dog chosen.


Radford University Links

Radford University: The Radford University homepage. RU Psychology Department: My major's department homepage.
College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences: The homepage of the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences, where I will be graduating from. College of Business and Economics : The COBE homepage, where in which I have two minors from.

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